TOMLIN|FERGUS is the duo of Vanessa Tomlinson and John Ferguson. Each member deploys radically different materials, but their individual approaches to improvisation and sonic exploration are remarkably similar. Tomlinson is inspired by intricate physical mechanisms and the sounding properties of resonant objects; Ferguson is obsessed with the ambiguity of digital technologies and the unpredictability of analogue electronics. Each sound maker deploys a varied ecology of instruments, the layout and arrangement dictates creative possibilities and impacts decisions around what to perform when. The music that this duo produce radiates from pre-composed situations and instrumental ecologies, the performance of and in which it is improvised. Although drawing from very different backgrounds, this duo has a shared love of extreme dynamic range, this brings a lively cohesion to every encounter. A variety of creative catalysts and strategies towards the real-time generation of convincing musical form are explored. However, embodied physical gesture, an open and curious ear, and a commitment to fully exploring the sonic possibilities of the materials at hand is always at the foreground.

Improvised ‘Duet’ at Made Now Music, Jugglers Art Space Brisbane,¬†August 19th 2017.

Sonic Dreams by Vanessa Tomlinson. Performed by Vanessa Tomlinson and John Ferguson at Upper Partialism #13, Common House Brisbane, November 6th 2017.

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