Songs of Inanimate Objects

This project is an ongoing collaboration with Andrew Brown and Daniel Della-Bosca. The work is presented as an exhibition of interactive sonic objects. The exhibit visitors are encouraged to handle the objects which have varying haptic qualities and respond with electronically generated sounds. For more information see here.  

The exhibit puts computational creativity and the possibilities offered by audio technology miniaturization in dialogue with sculptural objects. The overall goal is to query and comment upon the the often-tacit relationship between form, material and sonic behaviour. Digital design/fabrication (3D printing etc) is combined with software-driven and electronically tactile approaches to human-machine interfacing, resulting in sculptural objects with unique sonic behaviours. The exhibit reflects on a world increasing inhabited with automated and artificially intelligent devices. Another clear agenda is to further develop interconnections between contemporary practices such as additive manufacturing processes and computational creativity in microelectronics. In sounding a sculptural object this project raises more open-ended ideas around interactivity than typically imagined in interactive works involving direct manipulation.