Project Week at QCGU: Introduction to Creative Coding using Pure data

Link to presentation here (click me) 

Task 1 can be downloaded here 

  • explore help files that are referenced on the .pdf document, then try to complete task 1 🙂
  • A worked through example will be shown…..

Task 2: Open and play with Amen_break (click me) ….which provides many of the answers to task 2…

Task 3 is quite big, but means we get to talk about mixing desks (click to download task)

Task 4 is where it gets interesting (we probably won’t get this far today, but click me anyway)

Some stuff that I have done with Pd:

All of the software materials for Perspective on musical time, Circles, Purple Pd Machine (+ audio) can be downloaded from the links above via Github, just follow the link to Github then click the ‘clone or download’ button, then download file.

If you want to study this stuff at QCGU but are not a CMT major you can take as an elective:

PS the following might also be a useful template to build upon: basic_workshop_patch_v3 .pd