My Little Pop Group

“My Little Pop Group” was formed in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, in 2004 by John Ferguson (electric guitar, effects pedals), Bennett Hogg (violin, piano), Will Schrimshaw (live electronics and occasionally drums) and John Ayers (laptop/bass clarinet). “A Dark Room on a Summer’s Day” was previously available as free CD-R distributed at Konstakademien (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts) Stockholm as part of an exhibition entitled “Schhh . . .” by Swedish artist and composer Ann Rosen ( and at the My Little Pop Group performance at Fylkingen, Stockholm, November, 2005.

Performing at Konstakademien (The Royal Academy of Art) in Stockholm December 205.

‘A Dark Room on a Summer’s Day’ was released by Clinical Archives on 27th November 2007, this can be streamed or downloaded here or accessed via links to  individual tracks below. All music is freely improvised.


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