Lilium is a collaboration with Peter Thiedeke and Andrew Brown. Lilium was presented outdoors in Regent Lane (Southport) 7-10th July 2022 as part of Big City Lights festival. This involved the installation of 3 large projectors on rooftops to project moving images throughout the laneway and a large multichannel sound system to immerse the audience. For more information see:

The moving image for this project was created by Peter and my role was composer/interaction designer. VCV Rack (virtual modular synthesiser) was used to create all audio and a range of Touch Designer networks were created to track motion and luminosity in the video. This workflow allowed a range of data to be extracted from the video live in real-time, this data was utilised for sound creation and manipulation in VCV Rack and a multichannel mix was completed in Reaper.

Documentation of the finished work is not yet available but a video demonstration of one element can be found below, as well as some draft audio, and screenshots of the VCV Rack and Touch Designer systems.