Lilium is a post-digital cine-symphonic mural situated within ephemeral media architecture and digital placemaking contexts. This project is a collaboration with Peter Thiedeke and Andrew Brown. Lilium was presented outdoors in Regent Lane (Southport) 7-10th July 2022 as part of Big City Lights festival. This involved the installation of 3 large projectors on rooftops to project moving images throughout the laneway and a large multichannel sound system to immerse the audience. For more information see:

The moving image for this project was created by Peter and my role was composer/interaction designer. VCV Rack (virtual modular synthesiser) was used to create all audio and a range of Touch Designer networks were created to track motion and luminosity in the video. This workflow allowed a range of data to be extracted from the video live in real-time, this data was utilised for sound creation and manipulation in VCV Rack and a multichannel mix was completed in Reaper.

Lilium led to the creation of Representing Pasts 2022 (15’55’’), an expositional film and media essay on post-digital placemaking illustrated by the authors own creative practice and the Lilium project they created. The work seeks to open a dialogue between citizens, place, space, and events in the sense of Juhani Pallasmaa’s (2012) “lived space” to express the essence of a temporal “architecture of the mind”. Background influences include Mat Collishaw’s video installations and Jennifer Steinkamp’s architectural animation. Representing Pasts uses sound, photography, and moving image to examine Regents Lane before and during Lilium. The first half of the work captures Regents Lane before Lilium was installed; a unique sonic and visual composition that foregrounds architecture and the sounds of the lane’s inhabitants. The second half of the work contrasts the first half using media captured at night, this amalgamates and recomposes sound and image captured at the site of Lilium while the installation was active. Overall, Representing Pasts contributes to innovative placemaking methods of civic engagement toward urban regeneration. 

Representing Pasts (above) was peer reviewed for inclusion at AMPS 2023 (Architecture Media Politics Society), a conference that foregrounds the intersection of History, Art, Design, Architecture and Film hosted by Queen’s University Belfast, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, National University of Singapore. The film won the AMPS YouTube Channel Award 2022 for excellence in scholarship and has been permanently archived on the AMPS Academic YouTube channel. 


A rough video demonstration of one element of the Touch Designer system can be found below, as well as some draft audio, and screenshots of VCV Rack and Touch Designer.