Wednesday 5th October 2016 Music Technology at QCGU presented John Zorn’s infamous game piece from 1984 in collaboration with Winds, Strings, Composition, and Percussion. More information on Cobra here. Download John Ferguson’s print-ready version of the cards Cobra_cards_JF.

John Ferguson, Cobra cards (prompter); Taana Rose, Music Technology; Blair Johnston, Music Technology; Liam O’Connor, Music Technology; Peter Wood, Music Technology; Julia Anderson, Music Technology; Luke Thomson, Music Technology; Alexander Bull, Drums; Jack Jones, Clarinet; Phoebe Bognar, Flute; Mathew Klotz, Saxophone; Monash Lal, Flute; Renee Edson, Cello; Gerardo Dirié, Laptop; Toby Gifford, Clarinet.